ORU organises two courses on regional financing in Chile and Ecuador

La Dr. Maite Vilalta imparte el curso 'Capacitación de Rentas Regionales' en Ecuador

The training course on "Regional Incomes", organised with the Public Administration School of Catalonia,  was delivered by Dr. Maite Vilalta.


 Within the framework of the National Meeting of Chilean Regional Councillors, which was held on the 21st and 22nd of July 2016 in Pucón –Araucanía region–, ORU Fogar organised, in collaboration with the Public Administration School of Catalonia (EAPC), the training course on “Regional Incomes”. It was delivered by Doctor Maite Vilalta Ferrer, professor at the Department of Public Economy, Political Economy and Spanish Economy in the University of Barcelona. On the 25th July, she offered the same course in Quito, Ecuador, on the occasion of the seminar untitled “Reflections on the local governments financing model”.

 Maite Vilalta holds a PhD in Economic and Business Science from the University of Barcelona, where she is currently working as a professor. She has authored numerous publications on fiscal federalism and the treasury of the autonomous communities and local authorities, and she has been a member of the Expert Group designated by the Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya) for the calculation of the fiscal balance, as well as a representative of the Catalan government in the Joint Committee for the State-Generalitat Transfer.

 The course was divided in two modules: “Fiscal federalism and regional and local treasuries: the Spanish case” and “Transfer of competencies from the central state and regional taxes: considerations and elements for judgement to begin the implementation”. Aimed at the governors taking part in the Chilean annual meeting, organised by the National Association of Regional Councillors (ANCORE) and at the participants in the Ecuadorian seminar, organised by the Consortium of Provincial Autonomous Governments (CONGOPE), it provided a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge on taxation and improve the resource management capacities of the regional governments.

 This is the second experience of ORU's Training School, a project that started last summer to offer training resources and tools in the field of regional cooperation to the organisation's members. The school's first experience was the “Managerial Leadership Course”, held at the end of juin 2015 at the EAPC




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