Peru's new President commits to decentralisation

Cumbre por la Descentralización del Perú

At the Summit on Decentralisation held in Cusco, an agreement between the State and the regions to reinforce regional autonomy was reached.


Last 25th of june, the Cusco region –new member of ORU Fogar– hosted the Summit on Decentralisation, organised by the National assembly of Regional Governments (ANGR), and the II Extraordinary National of the Peruvian Municipalities Association (AMPE). The event gathered more than 750 mayors and regional governors to discuss alternatives based on the decentralisation and autonomy of the Peruvian lands.  ORU was present at the meeting represented by Fabian Perechodnik, Secretary General to the Government of the Buenos Aires province.

In a ceremony held in the Sacsayhuamán Fortress, the newly elected President of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, opened the Summit undertaking to improve the transfer of ressources  to regions for public works, citizen security and health and education services. "The local and regional governments have gone through many adventures. We need another scheme and joint discussions on decentralisation in Peru", he said. The Governor of Cusco and Chairman of the ANGR, Edwin Licona Licona, appreciated the commitment of the President and added further requests from the regions to the State: “we must create an entity in charge of decentralisation allowing to incorporate regional governments in the council of Ministers". 

This and many other conclusions of the three-day gathering were reflected in the 'Regional Governments Statement on Decentralisation', which was formally presented to the Vice-President of the Republic, Martín Vizcarra Cornejo, together with the mayors' 'Minutes of Sacsayhuamán' . Governor Licona read the document's  main proposals including “the increase of subnational governments' budget to 50% of the Republic's total budget for the 2017 fiscal year”.

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski's commitment to begin decentralisation measures has begun to take shape: for the time being, two working meetings with the participation of governors and their teams have taken place, for which an initial work agenda untitled "Peru is the sum of all of its regions" has been set. 


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Images: ANGR


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