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During the General Assembly held in Quito, a new group on Cultural Diversity, led by the Provincial Government of Barcelona, was created


After the election to ORU Fogar’s Presidency, one of the most important points of the discussions held at Quito’s General Assembly on the 16th October in the framework of Habitat III, was the restructuring and relaunching of the organisation’s working groups. A fourth group on Cultural Diversity, led by the Barcelona Provincial Government (Diputació de Barcelona), has been added to the existing groups on Sustainable Development (led by nrg4SD), Agenda 2030 (Generalitat de Catalunya) and Food Security (led by the French region of Champagne-Ardenne before the territorial reform).

The idea of creating this new Core Group came about during the VII World Summit of Regional Governments that ORU held last 14th of April in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, following the theme table “Autonomy to protect cultural diversity”. The initiative was approved at the Assembly held in Quito, and the Provincial Government of Barcelona, member of ORU that has recently joined, was proposed as leader of the group. Josep Lluís Alay, Advisor to the Presidency and Commissioner for International Relations at the Diputació, expressed their acceptance and gratitude, and their will to work for the launch of the group. 

Furthermore, the Province of Azuay, which held the Presidency of ORU Fogar up to now, accepted to take on the leadership of the Food Security Core Group. After the French territorial reform of 2015, which led to the disappearance of the Champagne-Ardenne region.  


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