The Regions launch the first Regions for Biodiversity Learning Platform at COP 13


nrg4SD’s initiative is the result of a pilot project implemented for six months in five of the signatory regions


Last 12th of December, the Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development nrg4SD launched, on the occasion of the 5th Global Biodiversity Summit for Local and Subnational Governments (within the framework of the UN Conference on Biodiversity - COP13 in Cancun, Mexico), the Regions for Biodiversity Learning Platform. It is a long-term initiative established to support regions in designing and improving their efforts on biodiversity conservation by mutual learning, technical exchange and peer-review of Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (BSAP), and other similar mechanisms. 

This is the aim of the initiative by nrg4SD encouraged and supported by the Convention of Biological diversity (CBD) Secretariat, which was initially signed by Catalonia (Spain), Gossas (Senegal), Goiás and Sao Paulo (Brazil), Quebec (Canada), Lombardy (Italy), Wales (United Kingdom) and Palawan (Philippines). In terms of conservation of biodiversity, regions are key in the definition, implementation and monitoring of environmental policies, for example on the management of water resources, land use, protected areas or surveillance

The Learning Platform is aligned with the CBD’s work lines and approach to subnational governments and, in this regard, it is intrinsically connected to the initiative launched by the Aichi Prefecture, Leading Subnational Governments towards Aichi Biodiversity Targets. The platform provides the necessary space for regional governments to achieve technical exchange and to disseminate their innovating and leading practices.  


Pilot project

The launch of the initiative is the result of a pilot project developed by five members of nrg4SD engaged in biodiversity conservation: Catalonia, Gossas, Goiás, Sao Paulo and Québec. The pilot run from May to November 2016, focusing on the state of the regions’ BSAPs, or on similar institutional mechanisms for biodiversity conservation.  The idea was not only to promote information sharing, but also to improve the platform’s format, basing i ton specific needs, interests and particularities of each territory

The initiative is open to all regions, provinces and states of the world and no fee is required. ORU Fogar invites all its regions to contact nrg4SD’s Secretariat to get more information on how to join the initiative. 


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