Nrg4SD launches the first report on the RegionsAdapt initiative

The "RegionsAdapt 2016 Report: an assessment of risks and actions" portrays the climate risks and the adaptation strategies of regional governments 

On the occasion of the initiative’s first anniversary, on January 30th, nrg4SD launched the "RegionsAdapt 2016 Report: an assessment of risks and actions", a document portraying the overall trends on climate change risks and the adaptation responses of 27 regional governments that had joined the initiative. The presentation was delivered through an open online event organised with the support of the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project).

The document represents one of the commitments that the regional governments agreed to when joining the initiative: reporting data annually through CDP’s states and regions. All up, 27 regional governments reported on the physical, water supply and socioeconomic risks they have detected on their territories, as well as their adaptation actions

The large number of reported risks confirms that climate change is a reality and it’s urgent. Even though climate change impacts are diverse, territories around the world frequently face similar problems. Amongst the participating regions, 128 physical risks resulting from current or anticipated impacts of climate change were identified. Nevertheless, the report shows a strong willingness to tackle these adverse effects: more than 150 different adaptation measures taken were described, ranging from awareness campaigns and community engagement to technical solutions. 

Online launch

The "RegionsAdapt 2016 Report" was officially launched during a webinar with the participation of specialists from the RegionsAdapt project and the CDP. The presentation made emphasis on the importance of disclosure for adaptation measures and on the important role that regional governments can play, with their significant regulatory and legislative power.

This report is the first to show the extent of the regions’ commitment to develop adaptation strategies and, besides, it has given the participants the chance to share their policies and programs and encourage the other governments to learn from their experiences, exchange and create common knowledge. 


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RegionsAdapt: First report on climate risks and adaptation launched. Article published by nrg4SD, 06/02/2017



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