AEBR proposes declaring the 7 June the International Cross-Border Cooperation Day

The Association of European Border Regions promotes an initiative to make the “African Border Day” become the “International Cross-Border Day”


The 7th of June is the “African Border Day” since it was approved by the African Union in 2010. The Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) launched in 2011 an initiative to enlarge the scope of such an important date and make it become the “International Cross-Border Cooperation Day”. ORU Fogar approved to support this initiative at the Executive Bureau and General Assembly held in Rio de Janeiro in April 2016.  

One of the causes that the AEBR passionately defends is cross-border cooperation, which is mainly about securing peace and wellbeing among citizens living in border areas all over the world. This project, arising out of the close relationship between the European association and the African Union, seeks to make the “African Border Day” become an International Day in order to enhance global awareness on the importance of cross-border cooperation and promote understanding among neighbouring territories.  

For that, a Resolution of the UN General Assembly is required. In this sense, ORU Fogar is committed to encourage its member regions to pressure their States to push for this UN resolution, since it is the States the ones that have the power to do it.  

The Secretary General of ORU, Carles Llorens, participated in the webinar "The present and future of cross-border cooperation in Iberian America: towards a Declaration of 7 June as International Day of Cross-Border Cooperation”, organised by ARFE last 6th of June. The online seminar was a great occasion to share the experiences and challenges of cross-border cooperation in Latin America, Spain and Europe


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7 June: from "African Border Day" to "International Cross-Border Cooperation Day". Article published by AEBR, 07/06/2016


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