Proposal to create a Secretariat of ORU in Latin America

The organisation held a meeting with its Latin American member regions and networks within the framework of the LED Forum in Bolivia  


Last Thursday 28 of Juin, ORU Fogar organised a meeting of its Latin American member regions and networks, within the framework of the 2nd Regional Forum of Local Economic Development. Leaders and representatives of the institutions present at the meeting discussed the proposal of creating a Section of ORU in Latin America to  work together with the Secretariat General, headquartered in Barcelona.

María Cecilia Alvarado, Vice-prefect of the Azuay Province (Ecuador) exposed the proposal in the name of the Consortium of Autonomous Provincia Governments of Ecuador (CONGOPE), organisation that has offered to host this Secretariat in the continent. CONGOPE has large experience in ORU Fogar, since it is member of its Executive Bureau, as well as a solid administrative and political structure. 

ORU Fogar has an important presence in Latin America, as it gathers all of its national regions associations. “The creation of a Secretariat there would e a step forward towards reinforcing the organisation in the continent”, said Cecilia Alvarado, “and it would allow to join forces to reinforce the decentralisation processes in our countries”. The project obtained approval from all participants, who committed to recruit the regional governments in their respective countries.

The new regional platform intends to work towards promoting horizontal cooperation to carry out join projects for the reinforcement of the Intermediate Governments in Latin America. It would also be the perfect instrument to implement in Latin America the projects that ORU Fogar is currently carrying out. The articulation proposition will have to be ratified by the Executive Bureau and the General Assembly of ORU Fogar, which will meet on the 27th and 28th of November in the Basque Country.


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