ORU Fogar’s Assembly tackles the regional implementation of all Three Global Agendas.

The XI General Assembly of ORU Fogar that will take place the days 22nd and 23rd October in Rabat, sponsored by the president of the organization and the president of the Rabat Salem Kenitra Council, Abdessamad Sekkal; it will approach the debate on how to implement the three global agendas: The Agenda 2030 of the Sustainable Development Goals, the one on Climate Change and the New Urban Agenda

The debate goes on the grounds that, after long deliberations, between 2015 and 2016, a couple of global objectives have been fixed for the next decade of the Global Agenda. It concerns three ambitious and innovative agendas, that commits in a very important manner the regions and intermediate governments. Nobody questions the central role of the regions in the implementation of these three agendas. The difficulties to go on with them, are therefore, quite notable. This Forum of Regions in Rabat wants to evidence these difficulties, as well as to set regional examples of good application of the SDGs

In order-to talk about all this, after the Monday morning of October 22, dedicated purely to the bureaucratic aspects of the organization, with the celebration of a Buro and an Assembly of members, the Forum of the Regions will develop in one and a half day; from the 22nd’s afternoon and Tuesday the 23rd. The structure of the Forum will favor a practical approach based on examples and experiences in the work frame of exchange and debate englobing the three agendas. 

Each one of the agendas will count with a Roundtable that will collect in testimonies and experiences from different regions, such as the intervention of experts that will add their vision to it. In the organization of each roundtable we’ll count with the collaboration of the regions that have been more involved in each of the agendas. The Generalitat of Valencia and the Basque Country contribute with the organization of the table dedicated to the Agenda 2030 and the SDGs. The Agenda on Climate Change will be led by the Island of Reunión, the department of Gossas from Senegal and the Department’s Association of Senegal. The New Urban Agenda will count on with the help of Catalonia’s Government. 

Outside the space dedicated to the agendas, the Forum, will host a session where five regions will expose their experience while strategic planning the RIS3. The depute of Barcelona, who leads the Cultural Diversity Group, organizes a session as well dedicated to this subject. And before the event’s closure, it will include the bestowal of the III Award of Best Practices and a presentation of the last two edition winners. 

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