The Balearic Islands now prohibits the use of disposable plastic products

With the approval of the Law on Waste Prevention, the regional government of the Balearic Islands pretends to eliminate diverse plastic articles that can only be used once. The law will applicate from January 1st, 2020 on and, like that, it will be then forbidden to commercialize plastics straws for beverages, plastic sticks for caramels, cutlery, glasses, cups, disposable food trays, as well as non-recyclable coffee capsules, lighters, shaving machines, cartridges and plastic toners for printers and photocopiers. Before that and from January 1st, 2019 there will no longer be able to distribute one- use only plastic bags. 

In Mallorca, the principal island of the region, during 2016, there were produced more than 605.000 tons of waste. This numbers have been collapsing so much the rhythm of the incinerator, as well as the ash dump that it’s currently in its capacity limits. Like that, the regional government has declared a war against the “use and through away” dynamic. Sebastià Sansó, general director of Environmental Education and Environmental Quality has justified this advanced politic due to the touristic role of the region: “Balearic is a very sensible zone. Our first economic activity is tourism and this law is the first step on our bet on waste prevention”. 

Inside the unique European market, the regional government can’t forbid the use of disposable products. Based on the competition on the protection of the environment it can, therefore, establish with which material they can be produced. That way, plastic bags and other artifacts must be fabricated with compostable materials and guarantee then them to be recycled, in an organic or mechanic way. 

These prohibitions affect some fast food restaurants as well that, by 2020, won’t be able to use this one use only products. In public services, except in hospitals, there won’t be allowed either selling water in plastic bottles. 

All of that concludes in a strong politic, contemplated in a law, of recycling and material recuperation. 



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