AEBR publishes a book on cross-border cooperation

Coordinated by the sociology doctor, Leticia Bendelac, and the general secretary of the Association of European Border Regions, Martín Guillermo, the book "Cross-border cooperation for development" has just been published. The work reflects on the link between development cooperation and cross-border cooperation, with a series of chapters dedicated to the conceptual and normative analysis of the treatment of borders, as well as the development - for more than half a century - of cross-border cooperation in Europe, but also in other continents in the last decade.

Each chapter has the contribution of a renowned expert who presents an overall vision, but also gives details of the most relevant aspects of this modality of development. 

Thus, it can be seen that cross-border cooperation shares many of the elements with international development cooperation, but transcends borders between states to address the development of adjacent territories. They have both evolved a lot in the last years, allowing more and more a greater participation of numerous sectors of society, but, above all, including all sectors of the administration. The book deals with the common challenges faced by regions which, although located in territories with similar characteristics, have undergone different historical evolutions, which have placed them in different states. It is evident that one of the first tasks for cross-border cooperation is the generation or recovery of trust, in order to create the right conditions for planning joint development strategies.

The book is an opportunity to learn about experiences, and it also reveals very concrete strategies, programmes, projects and actions for cross-border cooperation. 



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