ORU Fogar participate in the HLPF in New York

Several members of ORU Fogar participated in the High-Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development that the United Nations convened in New York from the 8th  to the 17th of July. Regions4 (nrg4SD) played a prominent and very transversal role in various sessions defending the need for synergies and the complementarity of different levels of government in the implementation of the SDG. Regions4 made its voice heard by stressing that regional governments are willing to join their efforts with central governments to achieve the Goals.

The participation of ORU Fogar in the High Level Meeting of the Global Alliance for Effective Development Cooperation (Global Alliance) on the 13th and 14th of July, with the participation of Alfred Bosch, regional minister of Catalonia and Adama Diouf, president of ADS, representing ORU Fogar, was particularly relevant. This meeting of the Global Alliance, in which ORU participates since 2010, was aimed at joining the progress of the effectiveness of cooperation policies with the Agenda 2030 and the SDG. Thus, in order to raise the profile of effectiveness within the framework of Agenda 2030, the evolution of cooperation policies in recent years was evaluated. In line with the Accra and Busan principles, it was found that there was greater transparency, accountability and planning, but that resources continued to decrease progressively, as well as less visibility. Monitoring by the Global Alliance also showed that there has been a decline in the level of alignment of projects with the frameworks, planning tools, their statistics and monitoring systems developed by the countries themselves.

The regional minister of Catalonia Alfred Bosch was also at the Local and Regional Government’s Day. In this event, beyond highlighting the need to strengthen local action to accelerate the implementation of global objectives and to reiterate the need to finance the actions of local and regional governments, the growing recognition of the United Nations system to local, regional governments in the process of the Agenda 2030 was highlighted. On the 16th of July the Basque president, Iñigo Urkullo participated in "Local 2030. Local Action for Global Commitments" where he explained the Basque implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, as an example of the local governments' commitment.



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