The Annual Assembly about territorial integration

On the 23rd and 34th of November 2021, we will be hosting the Annual Assembly of ORU Fogar. Our host will be Zicosur. Due to the pandemic situation, the format will be online. The purpose of this meeting is to assess the results of the work done this 2021 and planning the network's agenda for the following 2022. This year we have celebrated the V forum of Local Economic Development in Córdoba (Argentina), focused on the economic recovery and the events international agenda, which are been marked by the Alimentary Systems Summit and the COP26. With regard to the global agenda, 2022 is going to be a year defined for the celebration of meeting related to the Effectiveness of Cooperation and the Quito+5, a revision about how the New Urban Agenda evolves.

The assembly won't be longer chaired by Abdessamaed Sekkal, because he's been president of ORU Fogar since 2016 has not stood to the reelection of the Rabat Regional Council Salé Kénitra. The Bureau of ORU Fogar must evaluate the situation and the Assembly, in accordance with the organization's statutes, validate the new president.

Beyond this formal issue, the assembly will address the relaunch of different projects: RegionsAdapt which -with Regions4- addresses the issue of Climate Change, Biosphere Certificates to promote sustainable tourism, Risc3 to address strategic planning proposals, Food Security in a framework for collaboration with FAO, as well as different training programs.

The Working Group on Food Sovereignty will address the change of its presidency and will propose the desirability of holding, during the year 2022, the "IV Summit of Zero Hunger Regions". ORU Fogar has organized three summits on this topic: the first in Dakar (Senegal) in 2010, the second in Medellín (Colombia) in 2012, and the third one and the last in Cuenca (Ecuador) in 2018. The IV Summit is, in any case, in collaboration with FAO and as a replica, for the regions, of the conclusions of the Food Systems Summit promoted by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, on the 23rd of September.

As Zicosur proposes, the closing act of the event is going to be a seminary named "Regions and territorial integration". In this way, Zicosur (Integration Zone of the Central West of South America) will explain its integration work, involving the provinces of Argentina, states of Brazil, departments of Bolivia and Paraguay, regions of Chile, and Peru, and Intendance of Uruguay. The seminar will count on the counseling of Peruvian communities, Colombian planning regions, and Euroregions. It also has the advice of the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) with 50 years of expertise in cross-border integration work.

More information here: XV Annual Assembly on Territorial Integration - Oru Fogar (


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