Zicosur’s president becomes prime minister of Argentina

On September 20, Juan Luís Manzur, governor of Tucumán, Pro-Tempore President of Zicosur, and third vice-president of ORU Fogar, was appointed Chef de Cabinet of the Council of Ministers of the Argentine Nation. According to Argentine newspapers, this hyperactive politician assumed the challenge of fully activating the government of President Alberto Fernandez in order to "combat poverty and bring a change in the social climate."

Juan Luís Manzur, at the age of 52, is a politician with a long career, who began in the health sector. Graduated in Medicine, he specialized in forensic medicine. One of his first jobs was health managing and being responsible for epidemiology. In 2003 he became Minister of Health of the Province of Tucumán, where he promoted a remodeling of the health and primary care system. His main success was a remarkable reduction in infant mortality. In 2009, and under the mandate of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Manzur became the Argentine Minister of Health. During his mandate, the Anti-Tobacco Law and the Mental Health Law were promoted, and powerful campaigns were launched against the consumption of sodium (salt) and against tropical diseases.

In 2015 he was elected governor of the Province of Tucumán. He became president of Zicosur (Central West South America Integration Zone), an international integration forum made up of provinces of Argentina, states of Brazil, departments of Bolivia and Paraguay, regions of Chile, Peru, and municipalities of Uruguay. Zicosur has a long history within ORU Fogar, since it is part of the organization from the training process. With the Manzur presidency, Zicosur has had a growing presence in the organization, so that at the Annual Assembly of 2019, the governor became a member of the Bureau, as third vice-president.

Newly appointed, and on behalf of the ORU Fogar Bureau, Vice President Adama Diouf, assuming the functions of President of ORU Fogar, sent a letter to the Argentine prime minister. After congratulating him, Adama Diouf thanks Manzur's work in support of regionalism, as the leader of regionalism in the South Latin American cone, but also from the ORU Fogar. After thanking him, he encourages him, from his privileged position, to turn Argentina into a leader of decentralization and an active defender of territorial power in the global arena.







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