The 2022 response of regions to the COVID-19 crisis

In all the dialogues established, the members of ORU Fogar give positive feedback on the possibility of exchange that the network fosters between regions of different geographies. They are a means of allowing knowledge of the experiences and projects of others. Among these exchanges, one of the most valued was the virtual meeting held in May 2020. At that initial moment of COVID-19, this meeting allowed members to share practices in relation to how regions around the world were fighting the pandemic. Thus, in coherence with the spirit of interaction of ORU Fogar, in the call SHALL WE CONNECT? health, social, food and economic reactivation actions were explained.

After two years of a pandemic, in 2021 with the vaccine unevenly distributed in different countries, the challenge of 2022 will be to definitively overcome the pandemic and face again the challenge of achieving the objectives of the 2030 Agenda. To this end, ORU Fogar intends to repeat that experience of May 2020 with a new edition of SHALL WE CONNECT? which should allow us to know how various members of the organization face overcoming the pandemic.


During the month of February the members of ORU Fogar are invited to share their experiences of economic, social reactivation and their practices in the food, labour, or educational field to overcome the pandemic. Those interested in participating in the experience should contact the mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and briefly explain what practice you want to share. As in the previous edition, the ORU Fogar Secretariat will produce a report with information on everything presented in the exchange.

Here information about SHALL WE CONNECT? 1:

ORU Fogar members share experiences regarding COVID-19 - Oru Fogar (



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