The contents of a Summit focused on food systems

The IV Summit of Regions on Food Security and Sovereignty "Zero Hunger" to be held in Temuco, Chile, on October 27 and 28, intends to land the conclusions of the Food Systems Summit convened on September 23, 2021 by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres.

The concept of the "food system" encompasses a large network of food-related activities: production, collection, packaging, processing, distribution, sale, storage, marketing, consumption and disposal. It also involves many economic sectors: infrastructure, transport, financial services, information and technology. And it affects the most diverse areas: from the environment to the economy, through culture, politics or trade. The Temuco meeting will address this issue head on by presenting good regional practices in the space called "From Farm to Table. From producer to consumer»

The Summit sponsored by Antonio Guterres paid much attention to how food affects health. Poor nutrition in childhood can lead to stunted growth, which in turn alters cognitive functions. One of the conclusions was that all children should be guaranteed access to a healthy school menu by 2030. In many countries it is very likely that this responsibility will have to be assumed by regional governments, if not already. Are there resources to do so? Do the authorities recognize this? This issue will be addressed in several areas of the Fourth Summit. Regions of Africa and the Andean Zone will also present their experiences in the fight against chronic child malnutrition and anemia.

The UN Summit, and this is an issue for which ORU Fogar has always been committed, showed itself very much in favor of the rural world. Thus, it was affirmed that food security passed through rural prosperity. When no one in the global debate addressed the rural sphere, the regions maintained this flag. In this way, at the Summit of Chile ORU Fogar will be able to present many successful experiences of economic revitalization of the rural environment.

The Fourth Summit must finally approve a manifesto that will allow ORU Fogar and the regions to position themselves in the face of the food crisis we are facing. The Côre Group of Food Sovereignty of ORU Fogar is working on a draft. In any case, with this group working since 2008, with multiple regions with very solid food security projects, ORU Fogar can make a great contribution to this debate. Always with the conviction that good governance contributes decisively to the fight against hunger and that regional governments, governments with a human dimension, are more efficient in providing services than a distant and centralized national government.



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