Postponed to early 2020 the V LED Forum and ORU Fogar assembly

Considering Argentina's economic, political and social situation, the National and International Committee of the Local Economic Development Forum, of which ORU Fogar is a member, have decided to postpone until the beginning of 2020 the holding of the Fifth Forum to be held in Cordoba, Argentina.

The surprising electoral result of the Argentine presidential primary elections on August 11, with a defeat beyond the expectations of President Mauricio Macri, triggered an economic crisis, with soaring inflation and a significant devaluation of the national currency. With this situation, the Cordovan governor Juan Schiaretti was the first to warn about the difficulties of holding the forum in this context and to request a postponement for early 2020, with a new national government in place and the situation stabilized.

For the time being, there is no new date set. All the committees involved in the organization of the Forum continue, however, to work normally. Thus, there is no variation in terms of content and this V Led Forum will take place, as had already been communicated, under the title "Innovation in the territories for a better quality of life" and will continue to have three spaces: "The territory as the basis of social, economic and environmental innovation", "Territorial economic and productive models to face inequality", and "The future of work and the work of the future from a territorial perspective".

This postponement has also forced the postponement of the ORU Fogar assembly, which was scheduled for the 1st of December. All the contents of that assembly have therefore been postponed until a new date, which will also be held around the Cordoba Forum. The awarding of the prizes of the 5th Regional Best Practices Competition organised by UNDP and ORU Fogar will also be postponed, as well as the holding of elections for the president and the ORU Fogar Bureau.

In view of all the consequences of this situation, the ORU Fogar Secretariat is pressuring all actors to have the new date as soon as possible.



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