The international activity of the president of ORU Fogar

In recent weeks, the president of ORU Fogar and president of the Regional Council of Rabat Salé Kénitra, Rachid El Abdi, has maintained an intense international agenda, traveling to three African countries: Rwanda, Kenya and Cameroon. Already in his time as spokesman in the Moroccan Parliament, he developed an extensive paradiplomatic activity, with a special pan-African sensitivity, which now continues from ORU Fogar and the presidency of the Moroccan regional council.

In mid-May, Rachid El Abdi visited Rwanda. The objective was to establish lines of economic cooperation between the region and the African country. In the capital, Kigali, he met with the Federation of the Private Sector of Rwanda (FRSP), but also with different government officials. In these conversations, we talked about how to promote investment and trade. Thus, the trip ended with the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra region and the Rwandan Development Board (RDB), expressing their willingness to provide all the necessary facilities to promote exchanges. With this memorandum, a framework is created that should facilitate business between the two parties.

The Abdi indicated that this is a great opportunity to lay the foundations for a promising economic partnership. He said that it is also an action that wants to show the interest of the region, and of Morocco, to deepen relations with African countries, including those of East Africa. He stressed, finally, that the agreement is a good example of the potential of south-south cooperation.

The subsequent trip to Kenya had to strengthen Rabat Salé Kenitra's relations with Kisumu County as its main objective, which based on the good relationship with Governor Anyang Nyong'o. Thus, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the two regional governments, which addresses cooperation in the areas of health and education.

In the health field, the two regions will work together to improve technology and knowledge. The goal is to expand preventive and curative medical care through the exchange of surgeons and medical personnel. The agreement specified that the Moroccan side will transfer various specialist doctors who will practice in Kisumu. The Kenyan county, for its part, will offer accommodation to these doctors.

In the educational field, the Regional Council of Rabat has promised to provide scholarships for Kisumu students to study Executive Masters in Morocco. Two members of the Kisumu regional government staff will be able to continue studying at a Moroccan university. All this was financed in 60% by the Moroccan government, 30% by the Rabat region and 10% by the Kisumu lock.

The both sides will meet again in Rabat during the month of September. This meeting will explore how to expand collaboration in the field of agriculture, tourism, business and, in general, economic development. "We want to include agriculture," said the president, "because we can help many people to prosper in their endeavors." Governor Nyong'o was pleased to work with "a strategic country" like Morocco.

In mid-June, and on the occasion of the General Assembly of the International Association of French-speaking Regions (AIRF), Rachid el Abdi participated in the 8th edition of the "Africa Encounters", held in Yaoundé, Cameroon. This business event was attended by French-speaking regional presidents, as well as businessmen from France and Cameroon. The president of ORU Fogar took part in the space "Cameroun: Are the private sector and decentralization the driving force of economic development?" And took this opportunity to highlight the important role of decentralization in supporting development initiatives.

Within the framework of this AIRF Assembly, El Abdi held a meeting with 30 delegations from French-speaking African regions to create an atmosphere of cooperation. Still in Cameroon, he visited the Gharb region, where he signed a cooperation agreement with the president of the Regional Council, Jules Hilary Foka Foka, and  maintained contacts with the president of the North-West Regional Council and businessmen from these regions.

After these trips, President El Abdi showed his conviction that Africa has a lot of potential and asked for a collaboration that allows shared prosperity. He emphasized the importance of promoting pan-African relations and affirmed that political, economic and cultural cooperation between African regions is necessary.

Kisumu County and various regions of Cameroon will become members of ORU Fogar.


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