Rabat and Brussels regions sign cooperation agreement

The Rabat-Salé-Kénitra Regional Council and the Brussels Capital Region have signed an agreement aimed at promoting investment, economic exchanges, institutional exchanges, training, as well as tourism between both regions.

This cooperation and exchange protocol, signed by the President of the RSK Regional Council, Rachid El Abdi, and the Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region, Rudi Vervoort, will allow the implementation of actions in three main areas: the promotion of investments and economic exchanges for the benefit of companies in both regions to promote economic activity and employment; the organization of institutional exchanges and training for elected officials and administrative staff of the RSK Regional Council; and the promotion of tourism through the development of an action plan to increase tourism exchanges and develop an offering that meets the expectations of both populations.

This protocol, which aims to strengthen the historical ties between the two countries and regions, as noted by President El Abdi, should also serve to attract investments, and find Moroccan markets abroad, given the strong presence of the Moroccan community in Brussels.

Minister-President Vervoort emphasized that the two regions share similar challenges related to quality of life, mobility, environment, housing, energy, water, employment, and health.

The agreement will be valid for three years.



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