Gran Chaco approves its Statute of Regional Autonomy

The citizens of Gran Chaco voted YES in the referendum to go ahead with the first autonomy project in Bolivia. 


Last 20 November, 100,824 citizens of Gran Chaco, Bolivia, were summoned to the polls to vote for the adoption of the first Regional Autonomy in Bolivia. The YES vote won with 72.41% of the vote, allowing the autonomy process aimed at conferring more powers to the territorial unit to continue. 

The Autonomy of Gran Chaco was already recognised in the State’s Political Constitution in 2009, after being voted with the support of 85% of the population. Now, the result of the referendum will allow for the entry into force of the first Regional Autonomy Statute in the whole country, but not until 2020 as it is a complicated process with many steps. After the referendum, a period between 2017 and 2019 will be open to work on perfecting the statutory document and prepare the legislation towards the new powers. 

The new territorial power shall be composed of two bodies, elected by popular vote and from 2020. The Regional Executive Body shall be set in Yacuiba, the most populous of the three municipalities that make up Gran Chaco. Besides, the Regional Assembly will replace the current Vice-Governorate and shall be located in Villa Montes. The current Deputy Governors shall be called “development regional executives”. The highest Executive Authority of the Autonomy shall also be elected. It shall lead the Regional Executive Body and shall be empowered to pass regional decrees, draft the region’s budget and enter into agreements to finance projects, amongst others. 


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