ORU Fogar’s 2030 Work Group launches the RIS3 Project in Latin America

ORU opens a call so that its Latin American member regions can benefit from the EU program “Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation”

ORU Fogar’s “2030 Work Group" on Development Cooperation, led by the Government of Catalonia, has launched a pilot project to bring the EU program "Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation" (RIS3) to Latin American regions. The RIS3 (Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation) are based on a territorial approach methodology that makes a commitment to supporting the key priorities, challenges and needs of each region for a knowledge-based development, building upon existing strengths and competitive advantages and supporting technologic innovation. 

This program has been successfully implemented in the European Union since 2010, within the framework of the "Europe 2020" strategy launched to improve he communities’ development policies. It consists in supporting Europe’s competitively through its regions, ensuring that each region focuses on its competitive advantages and specialised in the areas of the knowledge economy in which it can globally compete.   

Open call

ORU Fogar’s Development Work Group believes that the RIS3 can also be an instrument to reinforce regional development in other territories, so it has open a call so that its Latin American members can benefit from this support to implement the same strategic planning.  

The project has economic support from the European Union through the Platforma program, and the call is open to all regions, federal states and provinces members of ORU Fogar in the Latin American area. All those interested in being part of the project will need to fill in and send to ORU Fogar’s Secretariat, the participation form before the 15th February 2017, together with a letter of commitment for each institution willing to join the RIS3 community. 

The selected regions will receive assessment in the implementation of the RIS3 strategies, as well as training, technical assistance and resources for travel and pooling. 



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