Provinces of Ecuador promote a results control program through IDB funding

In Ecuador, the Provincial Governments of Carchi and El Oro are implementing through CONGOPE, the Government Program for Development Results (GpRD). It is an initiative aimed at improving the levels of efficiency of the public administration. This strategy is focusing on the level of subnational in a systematic way that is oriented in the construction of technical capacities, application of methodologies based on international best practices, and the application of digital transformation tools specialized in planning and public finances.

The experience developed by the prefectures and CONGOPE is a public good that has the potential to be replicated at all levels of subnational governments globally (regions, municipalities, etc.). Further actions of the GpRD program involve strengthening processes of modernization and improvement of public management using digital technologies. In addition to the specialization of local capacities to create public value through the optimization of resources to meet development needs.

The GpRD Program consists of a series of components: I) capacity building through which a process of training and technical support is generated in the results of a governance methodology based on the articulation of planning and budget; II) IT tools that integrate the GpRD planning platform (financed by IDB) and an SFGPROV financial system that has an automatic connection that allows optimizing the planning cycle tied to budget management, these platforms manage the institution's investment projects and current expenditure; III) the realization of the results obtained in terms of the level of capacities generated, the appropriation of the tools and methodologies, and finally, the change of organizational culture and the optimization by means of the computer science platforms.

The new public management systems include evaluation mechanisms, as well as performance management to contribute to a positive impact on governance to the extent that the information generated provides cues to key actors which, in turn, can improve the status in the system of public administration. Furthermore, the information produced makes the institution more transparent to the citizenry, which is ultimately the key component of a democratic system.

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