We are on a new path towards Sustainable Development

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is undoubtedly one of the most ambitious initiatives of the United Nations. And also of ORU Fogar. Our Organization of United Regions will get fully involved in a commitment that means so much for our planet and for the world's population.

2016 marks the start of this journey full of challenges that must lead us to a better world where no one is left behind. I say “full of challenges” because the Agenda comprises 17 goals, which is a lot, and these also include 169 targets. The Agenda embraces so many dimensions that it will not be easy to achieve. But at the same time, it is an unprecedented opportunity for countries, regions, cities and citizens around the world to join forces in this project that we share, that belongs to everyone and that will benefit us all.

Nations, the UN Member States, are often thought of as the actors responsible for implementing the 2030 Agenda. But the truth is that there is a consensus that intermediate governments should play an important role in the implementation and monitoring of many of the goals. In particular I would like to comment on an SDG that concerns us directly. Goal 11 refers to "Sustainable Cities and Communities", to the requirements of sustainable development, territorial planning, decent housing, citizen access to appropriate services, citizen participation... In whose hands if not ours is to ensure that territories are "inclusive, safe, strong and sustainable"?

In order for us to get involved as we should, to be able to deploy the strength of our intentions, we demand an international commitment to empower regional authorities and other regional players. We call for strengthening regional institutions, capabilities and competences, with the purpose of advancing on the process of decentralization. Also, we must work to improve the tools and the provision of greater access to good quality and reliable regional indicators, allowing us to monitor and evaluate the results of our actions and their impact on the land responsibly.

As I said, this is no easy task ... But I also said, and I highlight, that ORU Fogar and the Regions of the world will not rest for a moment throughout the upcoming period. It will certainly not be that difficult if all territorial actors coordinate their efforts and work together to offer our contribution to this global commitment. ORU will promote with great efforts this coordination.

Paúl Carrasco

ORU Fogar's President 

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