The crisis in the venezuelan regions

Ramón Guevara

Governor of Merida

Our nation's crisis is much more difficult to understand today than in past years. For a large part of the world, our cover letter today is the authoritarian character of the political system, the economic instability, the most acute corruption, the violation of rights and the complex humanitarian crisis. However, there is a country within this that has rejected all that and has fought against the imposition of this political model.

The regions have had to fight against centralism as a tool of control, which has undoubtedly resulted in the deterioration and sustained decomposition of our social fabric. This has undoubtedly resulted in the deterioration and sustained decomposition of our social fabric. It has not been easy for democrats in this country to consolidate tools and strategies that will allow us to reverse this nation's progress toward the tragedy we are experiencing today.

Since I was elected by the public vote, I have led the government of the state of Merida, under political, economic and budgetary conditions difficult to explain to the world. We made significant efforts seeking to attenuate and alleviate the multiple needs of our communities, with coordination between the different living forces of our region. Although we haven't advanced much towards the structural solution of the state's problems, as centralism and the political action of the national executive took this opportunity out of our hands through the budgetary asphyxiation, the usurpation of functions and the permanent siege to the decentralisation and democratisation of regional decisions on public policies.

It is important to share with the world that within our territorial political division of a total of twenty-three states and one capital district, only four are governed by Democrats that have openly opposed the national regime. This condition makes even more complex to materialize political action for our communities. However, we are working towards the achievement of an early solution to the national crisis, which will allow us to recover a democratic and decentralised rule of law with real democratic tools.


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