Referendum in Catalonia

Last Sunday 1st of October the referendum on Catalonia’s self-determination, called by the autonomous government, was held. Regarded as unlawful by the central government, the weeks before the event were a time of great tension. Trying to stop it by all means, judicial proceedings and police actions were launched, requisitioning ballots in the printing houses and hindering the campaign of the yes’ side.  The arrest of 14 high government officials generated a peak of tension and a large social mobilization of condemnation. Approximately 14,000 policemen were shifted to Catalonia.

On the 1st of October, many voting polls were closed and ballot boxes taken by police in a massive action.  To overcome popular resistance to the closings, the police acted with great forcefulness. Despite that, the turnout was 2,262,424 people, which represents 42 % of the census. The result of the referendum was 90 % in favor of Independence and 7% against it. Taking into account that close to 400 polls were closed and that police took away over 700,000 ballots, turnout would have been 56 %.

In his appearance, the Catalan President, Carles Puigdemont, condemned police violence and stated that the Catalan people had earned the right to have a state and be among the concert of nations. The Spanish President, Mariano Rajoy, supported a few days later by the King of Spain, reiterated his position, stressing out the unlawfulness of the referendum and pointing out that his government will stop the secession by all possible means.  


Here you can find the results of the referendum:


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