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During the Forum of the Municipalist Cooperation, organized this September 25th in Palma by municipal cooperation funds from Mallorca, Menorca and Pituïses and with the attendance and participation of organizations of Spanish, European and Latin American cooperation, Carles Llorens, general secretary  of ORU/FOGAR has defended the convenience for the municipals funds  and regional  agencies  of cooperation to be part  in these networks. “There are practices, learnings and experiences in this difficult time for cooperation, which should be shared. And we have to participate in the task of lobbying in Europe and globally facing the United Nations or the OECD” –by Llorens, who was also a spokesman for Platform, the European organization of decentralized cooperation. Therefore, he has recommended for the funds  of cooperation to take part in Platform  in the same way that “it is interesting that the municipalities take part in UCLG and its sections and that the regions and intermediate governments of the work be part of ORU/FOGAR”. 

In the debate  about  the cooperation, the Secretary General of ORU/FOGAR has defended the need of a territorial vision of the development  for an immediate future in practices in cooperation and national policies as much as in global debates such as the Post2015. “From the intermediate governments –he explained- we are witnessing with astonishment some debates, on both local and global levels, where it is assumed -sometimes with resignation and some even complacently- urban growth ad infinitum. Given this approach we say that the urban world must be firmly settled in a territory where there is balance. We need territories with infrastructures and services and for that to be possible there are processes of political decentralization which are essential. The regionalization is not a fad, but  the possibility of the existence of governments with  political power near the territory that encourages its development”.



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