The governors of Tucumán and California sign an agreement against climate change

The governor of the Argentinian province of Tucuman, Juan Manzur, and the governor of California, Jerry Brown, signed an agreement against climate change in the House of Government of the North American state, located in its capital, Sacramento. With this agreement, the two intermediate governments undertook to share modeling and assessment practices to address the impact of climate change and to work on alternatives that would allow climate adaptation.

Governor Manzur applauded Brown's position in favor of staying within the framework of the Paris Agreement, from which President Donald Trump withdrew. The Argentinian governor applauded that Brown is leading U. S. state governments and that, at the recent Bonn Summit, he urged the world "to move forward in the fight against climate change". Manzur also announced that, in his capacity as president of the Zicosur (Zona de Integración del centro Oeste de América del Sur), he will invite "the member states to sign similar agreements".

Governor Brown agreed with Manzur's proposal by saying that it implies "further extending the borders and scope of this agreement". He explained that in California there are many institutions working on the issue at the request of his government's initiative. Currently, 30% of California's electric energy is renewable, through different systems such as solar, wind or geothermal. It is expected that in five or six years we will reach 50% renewable energy," the Californian politician said.

The meeting has also made it possible to outline the collaboration in terms of production, technology, know-how in food production, as well as agreements with universities and academic, technological and scientific institutions.

In the context of this fight against climate change, Tucumán has also joined Regions Adapt of nrg4SD, an initiative expected to be followed by other ZICOSUR regions as well.



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