The Association of Moroccan Regions elects a new Chairman


Following the regional elections held in Morocco on the 4th September 2015, the Association of Moroccan Regions (ARM) has appointed a new Chairman. The elected Chairman is Mohand Laenser, new President of the Fès-Meknès regional council and former Minister of the Kingdom of Morocco. The change in the presidency has taken place after Laenser replaced the former President of Fès-Meknès, Said Chbaattou, who chaired the ARM.  

Mohand Laenser is the Secretary-General of the Popular Movement (MP) and has been Minister for Post and Telecommunications, for Agriculture, for Rural Development and Fisheries, Minister of State, Minister for Home Affairs, Minister for Town and Territorial Planning, and Minister for Youth and Sports. He was also President of the former Fès-Boulemane region between 1997 and 2003.

As new representative of his country’s regions, he said: “the regional presidents have committed to promoting and improving regional governance and they are convinced that Morocco’s development depends on the sustainable and harmonious development of its regions”. He expressed his will to continue working with ORU Fogar and he added that he is also committed “to reinforce cooperation with the regional governments of other countries in order to Exchange experiences and to strengthen the ties between our institutions”.

ORU has expressly thanked the ARM’s former Chairman, Said Chbaattou, for the efforts made during his tenure to defend the territories and the intermediate governments and has congratulated his successor for his willingness to maintain and reinforce existing relations between the institutions with a view to pursuing ever more ambitious goals.  


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