After the first World Summit of the Regions on Food Security, organized by ORU Fogar in Dakar in January 2010, a decision was taken to create a working group to elaborate a territorial action plan for food and nutrition.  The first meeting of the working group was held in Brussels on May 12, 2010. The Basse-Normandie Region was elected unanimously, with the Central Region of Burkina Faso as Vice-President. 

In accordance with the Dakar Summit, ORU Fogar and its group of food security organized jointly with the Province of Antioquia the 2nd Summit in Medellin, Colombia, on 22 and 23 October 2012. More than 1400 participants and about 30 countries were represented. 

In 2014 the French region of Champagne-Ardennes took over the presidency of the working group, along with the vice-presidency of the Association of Regions of Bukina Faso. 

Currently, the chair of the working group lies in the Prefecture of Azuay, Ecuador, who right now is organizing the 3rd Summit of the World 's Regions on Food Security scheduled for 2018. 


Main Goals 

 - Promotion at regional level as a relevant response to the challenges posed by food insecurity. 

 - preparation and implementation of a multilateral and multi-year action plan. 

 General lines of work of the action plan: 

 - developing the capacities of each region to energize, in its own territory, a policy of food security in the context of national and international plans. 

 - increased cooperation between regions, from both North and South, not as a juxtaposition, with the consequent risks of fragmentation and loss of effectiveness, but about a good convergence of human and financial resources. 


 Steering committee 

 Chair: Ing. Paúl Carrasco, Prefect of Azuay, Ecuador. 



 The 3rd World Summit of Regions on Food Security (TBC). Here the presentation of the Summit. 




Those interested in receiving further information and / or participate in this working group can contact: 

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