“Comprehensive Centre for Women in Situations of Violence”



REGION: Province of Cordoba
AUTHORITY: Government of the Province of Cordoba
POPULATION: 3.978.984
WEB SITE:  Polo integral de la Mujer - Gobierno de Córdoba (cba.gov.ar)    


Practice submitted to ORU Fogar’s VIII Regional Best Practice Award by Province of Cordoba (Argentina), with input record number 27.


In February 2016, through Decree No. 174/16, a management model was created that integrates in a single space the coordination, participation and articulation of the various areas that, until then, addressed the issue of women experiencing situations of violence, in order to implement a Public Policy marked by integrative, transversal actions and with a multidisciplinary approach, articulated in a network work, with special emphasis on the perspective of Gender and Human Rights.

It becomes a superior model for addressing situations of violence by questioning the actions of all institutions, assistance areas, protection areas, the police and real access to justice with the judiciary.

The Comprehensive Center for Women in Situations of Violence has been established as a model of continuous management in the promotion and protection of women's rights in the province. Due to the importance and need to continue working on the eradication of gender violence and equality of opportunities, the Comprehensive Women's Center is a permanent public policy of the Government of the Province of Córdoba.



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