ORU Fogar participates in the writing of a document for the 75th anniversary of the United Nations

ORU Fogar is participating in the drafting of the "Visioning Report. The rol of local and territorial governments in the future global governance” that the United Nations commissioned a few months ago to the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments, on the occasion of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the creation of the United Nations.

In this text, in order to mark future prospects, ORU Fogar has sought to integrate a broad regional and territorial vision, complementary to that of local governments. Efforts have also been made to emphasize the need to protect cultural and linguistic diversity and to defend the rural environment. ORU Fogar has finally identified the 2030 Agenda as an opportunity for local and regional level to be strengthened in future governance.

On 10 June, the GTF met to share the various amendments and contributions to the report. In this meeting, beyond ORU Fogar, different networks participated:  CGLU, Regions4, C-40, ICLEI, Commonwealth Local Governments Forum, Metropolis, Citees Unies France, Al-Las, and the Global Fund for Development Cities. 

Representing the ORU Fogar Bureau were present Rafa Hueso of the Basque Government’s Directorate of External Relations and Miquel Royo, Director General of Global Affairs of Catalonia. Rafa Hueso insisted on the need to reinforce the concepts of shared leadership, co-creation mecanisms, decentralization and multi-level governance. Miquel Royo focused his contributions on the concepts of territorial cohesion, regional approximation and rural inclusion. 

With all the contributions synthesized, on 20 June the document will be delivered to the United Nations. At the conclusion of the work, the Secretary General of ORU Fogar thanked CGLU for its leadership within the GTF and for the coordination work carried out in the drafting of this document.



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