Newsletter 51 - April 2018



Newsletter # 51



Getting ready for the Zero Hunger Summit at the FAO’s headquarters in Rome

On 12th March, the General Secretary of ORU Fogar, Mr Carles Llorens, and Pedro Tenorio of the International Cooperation Department of the Azuay’s region, were received by FAO’s Deputy Director (Food and Agriculture Organization) Mr Kostas G. Stamoulis, to prepare the Zero Hunger Summit that will take place on the 27-28th of April in Cuenca, Ecuador. 

Paraguay renews its commitment to ORU Fogar

Alfonzo Romero, president of the Association of Departmental Boards of Paraguay (AJUDEPA) and Sergio Cantero, director general of Planning of the Central Department of Paraguay, visited the headquarters of ORU Fogar... 


Oriental & Grand Est are organising a Conference on Cooperation

Within the framework of the Franco-Moroccan Joint Fund to Support Decentralized Cooperation initiated by the Kingdom of Morocco and the French Republic, the Oriental Region and the Grand Est Region are organizing ...


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