Newsletter 67 - November 2019


Newsletter # 67



ORU Fogar meetings through the network

After the forced suspension of the Bureau and the Assembly of December 1 in Santiago, Chile, ORU Fogar will hold mandatory meetings through the network, applying article 14 of the Organization Statutes, an article that provides for meetings through videoconferencing and Other technological means. Thus, on December 10, a videoconference will be held with all the members of the Bureau connected, in which they will take the unappealable decisions in the dynamics of the organization, from the approval of the 2020 budget, until the decision where will be the headquarters of bureaus and assemblies next year.

Fourteen candidates to be part of ORU Fogar's Bureau

The deadline for submitting nominations to the ORU Fogar Bureau for the next few years was the 1st of November. At the end of the deadline, there were 14 nominations, representing regions, and networks of regions, from Europe, America and Africa. In accordance with ORU Fogar's Statutes and with Communiqué 70 calling for elections, the election will take place on December 2019.


AEBR awards for cross-border cooperation projects

The "Sail of Papenburg" cross-border cooperation prize was awarded to the "Nortear" project at the Annual Meeting of the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) held at the Elbe-Labe Euroregion in Dresden, Germany, on 25 October 2019. This project was presented by the EGTC (European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation) Galicia - Norte de Portugal.


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