Newsletter 87 - September 2021


Newsletter # 87



Future workshop "ORU Fogar 2030"

On July 6, in virtual format and in Spanish, the “ORU Fogar 2030” Future Workshop was held in order to discuss the future of ORU Fogar, with the participation of the teams from the most involved regions in the operation of the network. The exercise, which will also be carried out in French on September 23.

“Positive Conversations” arrive to Latin America

Following the initiative proposed by ORU Fogar's President, Abdessamad Sekkal, "Positive Conversations", calling on the regional world to debate the role of the regions in the post-COVID-19 governance, the space for dialogue was opened for the first time to Latin American regions. 


An event brings together young people in Ivory Coast 

On July 15, 16 and 17 of the current year, the International Forum of Young Leaders on the Social and Solidary Economy was held, organized by the Plateforme des Organisations de Jeunesse de Toulepleu and the Assembly of Regions and Districts of the Ivory Coast (ARDCI) at Grand-Bassam, Ivory Coast. 


United Regions Organization Secretariat / FOGAR 
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