Newsletter 90 - January 2022



Newsletter # 90



Shall we connect? Second edition

In all the dialogues established, the members of ORU Fogar value very positively the possibility of exchange that the network fosters between regions of different geographies, allowing knowledge of the experiences and projects of others. Among these exchanges, one of the most valued was the virtual meeting held in May 2020 and which allowed, at that initial moment of COVID-19, to share practices in relation to how regions around the world were fighting the pandemic. Thus, in coherence with the spirit of interaction of ORU Fogar, in the call SHALL WE CONNECT? health, social, food and economic reactivation actions were explained.

ORU Fogar's Database of Best Practices already has 30 projects 

By awarding the VI edition to 5 new best practices on December 2, there are already 30 projects that appear in the Database of ORU Fogar’s website. These are excellent projects that the regions implemented to promote one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Luís Guastavino, the dean of Latin American regionalism, died

On December 28, just the day before his 90th birthday, Luís Guastavino died in Ñuñoa, Metropolitan region of Santiago de Chile. Guastavino was director of Escolagi, an important figure in the politics of that country, a key man in the consolidation of ORU Fogar in Latin America and, above all, a convinced apostle of the regional cause.


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