Newsletter ORU 2/2015


Newsletter # 2


ARDCI hosts ORU’s first bureau meeting of 2015

ORU held its first executive bureau meeting of 2015 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, on the 19th and 20th of March. The Ivory Coast Assembly of Regions and Districts (ARDCI) acted as host of the meeting, chaired by the Basque Country (...)

FAO, UNDP and IOPD, new members of ORU

The executive bureau approved in Abidjan to issue a formal invitation to become members of the organization as observers to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN), UNDP (UN Development Program), and IOPD (The International Observatory on Participatory (...)

The Association of Senegalese Departments replaces the extinct ARS as a member of ORU

The Association of Senegalese Departments (ADS) joins ORU taking the place freed up by the extinct Association of (...)

Relevant publications

The following are suggestions to understand the conceptual dialogue at stake in the post-2015 debates. First of all, we recommend two articles from Markus Loewe, senior researcher at the German Development Institute, on MDGs and SDGs; that is, on the complementarity and compatibility of a rapprochement based on human development vs. the provision of global public goods.

A series of posts by Christopher Swope will help us discover how the SDG 11 has made its way, the “Urban SDG”, to the final proposal of the Open Working Group: which have been its promoters, what partnerships has it had, and what opposition it has overcome. Public choice in real-time.
Finally, we suggest a brief study from Paula Lucci, commissioned by UCLG, which offers an excellent opportunity to clarify the terminology on an important and current topic:  “localisation” of the development goals, as verification element of its compliance and its adequate distribution on the territory, and perhaps of involvement, participation and empowerment of the regional and local authorities.

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