Newsletter 102- February 2023



Newsletter 102 |  February 2023

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Jeremy Rifkin bets on bioregions
In his latest book, "The Age of Resilience", published in November 2022, Jeremy Rifkin advocates governance based on bioregions. The well-known author of "The end of work" and "The third industrial revolution" affirms that this must be the bet "if we aspire to the survival and prosperity of our species."
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Four new regions join ORU Fogar in 2023
At the beginning of 2023, four regions, two African, one European and one Latin American, will become full members of ORU Fogar.
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The Basque Country evaluates how the New Urban Agenda is being implemented
The XXI Euskal Hiria Congress, organized in Bilbao by the Basque Government with the support of UN-Habitat, focused on how to develop cohesive territories, within the framework of effective policies for social inclusion and equity.
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Energy transition and subsidiarity. The role of the regions.
Santiago Vilanova. Journalist and environmental consultant.
Climate change attenuation and adaptation is the greatest challenge facing humanity and, at the same time, a great opportunity for regional energy sovereignty and self-sufficiency. We are witnessing the end of a cycle called "industrial revolution". For those societies that have not managed to become fully aware of it and therefore do not have to suffer its ravages, this is an opportunity to make the leap into the solar age.
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