The Ukraine-Russia crisis

Rachid El Abdi

Président de l'ORU Fogar

Since the outbreak of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, the Organization of the United Regions(ORU Fogar) did not intend to manifest itself against the latter, which threatens peace and security in Eastern Europe, but our position is to encourage a peaceful settlement of this conflict through diplomatic channels, talks and mediation of states, especially those affected by tensions between the two countries.

Since our creation in 2007, we have defended governance based on respect for diversity, decentralization and territories: principles as we have seen, promote the development of peoples. And, among other things, we have experienced processes of territorial integration that have transcended borders, and even old hatreds.

Today, we are very concerned about the situation resulting from this conflict, because we learned this morning with great sadness that the headquarters of the Kharkiv Regional Council was bombed.

In view of all that happens in Ukraine, we encourage and wish for an amicable resolution of this conflict away from tensions and the use of force. ORU-FOGAR has always been present alongside its members to confront together the greatest challenges of our time, which is how we would like to strongly salute the Donbass region, with which we have had working contacts as an inter-regional organization.

What’s more, what is happening at the moment in the city of Mariupol and Donbass is of great concern to us, and we expect that the talks between Kiev and Moscow that have recently begun will contribute to an immediate ceasefire and the resolution of this conflict with the best possible peaceful solution, so that peace and serenity reign again in Eastern Europe.

We denounce the use of force to resolve conflicts between States and call for the use of all peaceful means of dispute settlement.




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