Supporting the Ukrainian population on the field

ALDA – The European Association for Local Democracy is a non-profit organisation working since 1999 for the enhancement of good governance and citizens participation, in Europe, in the European Neighborhood and beyond. 

Very much active in Eastern Europe, ALDA has been deeply shaken from the conflict in Ukraine and is currently mobilising all its resources in order to provide help and support to Ukrainian people. Indeed, the links uniting ALDA and Ukraine are many and extremely strong: several ALDA members and partners are Ukrainians, along with a part of its staff working in the Local Democracy Agencies in Mariupol and Dnipro. Moreover, colleagues in Chisinau (Moldova), where ALDA has one of its 6 offices, are also entirely impacted by the situation.

As part of the network of ALDA, Oru Fogar wishes to share insights from the Association as well as suggestions of simple and concrete ways every citizen can implement to help the Ukrainian population in such a terrible moment.

First and foremost, ALDA condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and calls for immediate ceasefire as well as for the creation of effective and secured humanitarian corridors, especially for the city of Mariupol - member of ALDA and all the most affected areas of the Country. 

From a European perspective, ALDA calls for the EU to be united and to continue imposing sanctions to Russia, as a way to avoid a dangerous amplification of the conflict and a large-scale war 

On the other hand, it is also important not to forget and to remain close to Russian and Belarussian civil society and activists, who are putting their life at risk for expressing their disagreement towards the Russian regime of Putin.

To learn more on ALDA’s political position, read the statement on Ukraine-Russia and the ALDA Governing Board statement on the Russian invasion

Concerning ALDA’s answer in the field, the Association has been selecting effective ways to help the Ukrainian population, going from encouraging donations to verified fundraising initiatives, to approaching national institutions and hosting Ukrainian refugees or joining other official actions, to publicly take a stand displaying Ukrainians flags and asking to immediate ceasefire.

To learn more about these initiatives and to join ALDA in its present and future actions for Ukraine, read the related article or write us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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