75th anniversary of the United Nations

The global crisis we are living demonstrates the importance of international cooperation at all levels. This year, the United Nations is celebrating its 75th anniversary. For that occasion, the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, initiated a major global debate on the "Role of international cooperation in building the future we want for future generations".

It’s an opportunity for all civil society actors to discuss the future and the importance of multilateralism. Our societies are undergoing a brutal and unprecedented transformation, demonstrating the urgency of addressing new challenges, such as climate change, urbanization, artificial intelligence, etc. Cooperation between all actors of civil society, local and regional organizations, will make it possible to respond to climate change, technological and security threats.

During one year, the United Nations take the initiative to create the debate worldwide in partnership with regional, local and business organizations. This exceptional initiative is one of the largest ever held in the world. In the face of the pandemic crisis, social networks were favoured, to further promote the debate, through digital platforms. ( www.un75.online ). 

The debate aims to encourage participants to take initiatives at their level, in order to have a positive impact on global and regional governance. Regional organizations will be able to use the data and conclusions learned from the discussion to create appropriate programmes, partnerships and campaigns that respond to the needs of all actors. Multilateralism is a vital tool, focusing on solidarity, strengthening social cohesion policies and territorial management. The redefinition of multilateralism will enable regions to have a direct influence on international decisions. It’s important to redefine multilateralism to integrate regions into the dynamics of cooperation, solidarity and global decisions. Regions are the link between citizens, local governments and international organizations.

ORU Fogar is an international organisation whose aim is to bring together regions from all over the world and international organisations to stimulate world politics, develop territorial cohesion and promote local democracy. To contribute to the debate, ORU-FOGAR decided to promote the online survey www.un75.online created by the UN.


How can you be a part of this experience and be the change:

1. Complete the survey www.un75.online and share it to all your community. 


2. On the social medias:

a. Explain your proposals to improve the world in the next 25 years

b. Take a picture of yourself with the campaign poster “I Had my say #UN75” and Publish with the following content:

@JoinUN75 #RegionsInAction #ShapingOurFuture #UN75 @ORUFOGAR


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