Webinars on Financial Possibilities for African and Latin American Regions

On next Tuesday, October 27 and Thursday, October 29, ORU Fogar organizes webinars with its African and Latin American members, with the participation of the Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO) of the European Commission. On the occasion, DEVCO presents its program with its list of priorities which are linked to the 2030 Agenda, the Paris Agreement, but also the Global Strategy for the European Union's common foreign and security policy.

On this occasion, a webinar has been organized to present this program specifically to regional actors and, specifically, to the members of ORU Fogar. This is a virtual seminar that also includes a session in which will be explained how a region can approach a European project, including method and recommendations.

The webinar will feature Anna Lixi, Head of the Local Authorities sector within Unit C5 (Cities, Local Authorities, Infrastructures, Digital), who will speak about "EU priorities (DG DEVCO) for the next programming period 2021-2027". She will be joined by Yoya Alcoceba, head of New Financing Strategies and partnerships of the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation, who will present to the participants indications and recommendations on how to approach a European project.

The webinars, first in French and then in Spanish, are specially aimed at technical staff from African and Latin American regions. ORU Fogar intends to share to its members sounding knowledge on how to finance their development projects. The ORU Fogar secretariat consistently supports its member regions, especially through webinars such as this one by: facilitating contact with the European Union delegations in the respective countries to further align the priorities for each region, looking for project partners when necessary or recommending technical teams to the regions to elaborate European projects.








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