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The RegionsAdapt initiative is a new global commitment to support and report efforts on adaptation at the state and regional level. On the initiation of Rio de Janeiro and Catalonia, this new initiative aims to establish a cooperative framework for regions to exchange experiences and best practices on their actions and challenges when adapting to climate change. Our goal is to join efforts to ensure improved conditions to achieve resilient territories and prevent irreparable situations and damage to their respective economies, environments and citizens.

By participating, state and regional government commit to collaborate, exchange knowledge and share best practice policy models that foster adaptation and resilience to climate change, pursuing multidimensional and innovative methods, as for example ecosystem-based approaches. This commitment includes to adopt or review plans on adaptation within two years, to implement an adaptation action in one of a series of thematic areas, as well as to report on the progress of the adaptation initiatives through the Compact of States and Regions platform.

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