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Newsletter # 99



The regions are committed to Food Sovereignty

The IV “Zero Hunger” Summit was not the first time that ORU Fogar debated whether the ideal concept was Food Security or Food Sovereignty. At the Turin Local Economic Development Forum in 2015 there was already a great debate on the subject. Should the ORU Food Safety Côre Group change its name? On that occasion the name “Security” was kept. In 2020, with a very important Latin American presence, the group was renamed the Côre Group of Food Sovereignty. Never as in this Temuco Summit (Chile), however, the commitment in favor of sovereignty had been so clear.

The IV Summit becomes a clamor for rural development

The Summit of Regions held in Temuco, Araucanía (Chile), was conceived as a space in which the conclusions of the Summit on Food Systems convened by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, on September 2, 2021. 


On the battlefront against malnutrition and anemia

Gabriel Ferrero, president of the World Food Committee (CSA), which is considered the world parliament of the FAO, made a statement at the IV Summit of Regions on Food Security and Sovereignty in Temuco that places very well where we are on this issue...


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