Food Security and Sovereignty, La Araucanía Region, Chile

Marcelo Carrasco

President of ANCORE

We wish to convene all regional authorities interested in analysing, debating and proposing how to deal with the serious food crisis that is looming at the global level, the product of multiple factors that have exacerbated this scourge. In Temuco, Region of La Araucanía we will have a great debate on how to deal with the situation. In the discussions that are already taking place, it is clear that resilience must be strengthened and that, at this time of crisis, it is important to ensure maximum food production in the territory, prioritizing food proximity, In other words, the production of zero kilometres, the creation of designations of origin, family farming and even traditional cuisine with a territorial identity.

The summit comes at a very relevant time. The sum of three crises (Covid19, war and climate change) has been the perfect storm for us to experience an unprecedented increase in the prices of raw materials and food. COVID19 completely altered world food trade, putting obstacles in the way of all supply chains.

Climate change, now in an obvious way, so much so that it undermines the arguments of the most convincing denier, manifests itself with impressive heat waves, fires, droughts and floods, which put agricultural production at risk in many geographies.

But if Covid19 and climate change were not enough, the war in Ukraine has aggravated the situation. Russia and Ukraine manage a quarter of the world’s wheat exports, in addition to a fifth of barley and maize exports. Both provide one eighth of the calories that are marketed in the world. 

The rise in the price of fossil fuels also affects the rise in the price of food, because it makes transport and fertilizers more expensive.

This combination of factors is making it difficult to meet Goal 2 of the 2030 Agenda, because at the moment both malnutrition figures and those of people suffering from acute hunger are increasing. 

By 2020, the number of malnourished people (people unable to meet minimum food requirements) had risen to around 118 million. 

In 2021, acute hunger (people who cannot meet short-term food requirements) increased by 40 million people. This has been the case in 24 countries. Right now, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is exacerbating the risk of hunger for many millions more, especially in Africa.

The situation is serious, but, for the regionalist movement, the reaction is clear because it is the one that has always been advocated: strengthen security and food sovereignty of the territories.

From now on, you are all cordially invited to this important meeting to be held in Temuco, Araucania-Chile.


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