"Creation, in record time, of a remote support plan for the care of citizens in the face of the closure of employment offices due to COVID-19"


REGION: Catalonia
AUTHORITY: Catalonia
POPULATION: 7.700.000
WEB SITE: http://web.gencat.cat/ca/inici/     


Practice submitted to ORU Fogar’s V Regional Best Practice Award by Catalonia (Spain), with input record number 5 and a total score of 630 points.


Faced with the health emergency of COVID-19, all employment offices are closed to citizens to guarantee the health of users and workers.

The SOC, urgently, considers how to keep the essential basic services active to guarantee the rights of citizens, especially those most vulnerable. Different measures are evaluated to face the criticality of the situation and finally it is decided to design and implement a REMOTE SUPPORT PLAN based on the implementation of three channels:

1. Call Center. Telephone support through a single telephone number, enabling a remote citizen service switchboard (call center).

2. Form "on line". Design a new tool to register the job application, in the form of a form that is presented on the SOC website, available to all citizens to complete independently.

The design of this tool also allows the workers of the employment offices, who attend the requests through the telephone set up by the SOC, to fill in the form and manage it from their home.

3. Virtualization of the Autonomous Information System (SICAS). It is in the SICAS where all the data on the management of active employment policies are collected, which are subsequently transferred to the state database. Access to the SICAS system is usually carried out by SOC workers in person at the employment offices.

Through an ICT tool that allows the system to be uploaded to the cloud, and the development of security protocols, it is achieved that remote workers, with a laptop and an internet connection, can carry out the same procedures in which they previously carried out in SICAS from the offices


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